Index of /public/ftp/pub/Linux/devel/lang/tcl

../                      Parent directory
!INDEX.html              Long index format
SSLtcl-0.42.tar.gz       loadable SSL (Secure Socket Layer) module for tcl/tk
SpecTcl-0.1a.aout.tar.gz preliminary release of Sun's tcl/tk GUI builder [bin] extra metawidgets for tk 4.1 extra metawidgets for tk 4.1
Tix-4.1a3.tar.gz         extra metawidgets for tk 4.1
blt1.7l3-bin.tar.gz      extra widgets for tk (shared libs)
blt1.7l3-src.tar.gz      extra widgets for tk (src)
dbitotcl-0.1.tar.gz      dbitotcl is a Tcl extension for using Perl DBI (Database independent interface) from tcl.
expect-5.18bin.tgz       lets you write tcl scripts to talk to interactive programs
expect-5.18src.tgz       lets you write tcl scripts to talk to interactive programs
itcl1.5l1-bin.tar.gz     shared libraries for itcl (OO extensions to tcl)
itcl1.5l1-src.tar.gz     source for itcl (OO extensions to tcl)
itcldiffs.for.tkstep.tgz makes itcl 2.1 widgets look like NextStep
minihelp_1.0b.tgz        WYSIWYG help authoring package for Tk/tcl applications
tcl-dp3.2.tar.gz         dpwish (network enhanced wish)
tcl7.5p1.ELF.tgz         tcl 7.5p1 w/ ELF shared libs
tcl7.5p1.src.tgz         tcl 7.5p1 source code
tcl7.6b1.ELF.tgz         tcl 7.6b1 w/ ELF shared libs
tcl7.6b1.src.tgz         tcl 7.6b1 source code
tclMotif.1.2.linux.binary.tar.gz static binaries of tclMotif
tclMotif.1.2.tar.gz      source for tclMotif - tcl bindings for Motif widgets
tclX7.5a-a2.shared.tgz   tclX shared image
tcltk-7.6p2.src.tar      sources for tcl/tk distribution
tk4.1p1.ELF.tgz          tk 4.1 w/ ELF shared libs
tk4.1p1.src.tgz          tk 4.1p1 source code
tk4.2b1.ELF.tgz          tk 4.2b1 w/ ELF shared libs
tk4.2b1.tar.gz           tk 4.2b1 source code
tk95_099.tgz             Give Tk a Win95 look'n'feel
tksm1.3.tgz              OpenGL based 3D modeling extension for Tcl/Tk
tkstep0.3b3.tar.gz       patches to make Tk4.1 widgets look like NEXTSTEP(tm)
tkstep_shlibs.tgz        TkStep Shared Lib + Wish
tprof-2.2.all.linux.tar.gz profiler for TCL scripts          documentation on xf interface builder
xf2.3-pl1.tar.gz         interface builder for tk
xotcl-0.83.tar.gz        object-oriented scripting language that extends Tcl

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