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	Welcome to the...


	You are now seeing one of the LuCAS project directories. LuCAS means
"LinUx en CAStellano", and our idea is to translate to spanish all
linux documentation.

	We work also with the INSFLUG group (Impatient & Novatous
Spanish Linux Users Group), which translates HOWTO documents. Please,
see the directory docs/HOWTO/translations/es in any Sunsite mirror.

	This directory contains LUG, that is, "Guia del Usuario de Linux".

	We are available for your comments at:

	Juan Jose Amor <jjamor@ls.fi.upm.es>
	Alfonso Belloso <alfon@iies.es>

	The official LuCAS WWW pages are available at:


	Also, INSFLUG has its own official pages:


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