Kino Introduction

Kino is a non-linear DV editor for GNU/Linux. It features excellent integration with IEEE-1394 for capture, VTR control, and recording back to the camera. It captures video to disk in AVI format in both type-1 DV and type-2 DV (separate audio stream) encodings.

You can load multiple video clips, cut and paste portions of video/audio, and save it to a playlist (SMIL XML format). Most edit and navigation commands are mapped to equivalent vi key commands. Also, Kino can load playlists and save the composite playlist as a new DV AVI file. Finally, Kino can save a single frame of video (a still) in numerous file formats (based upon file extension).

Currently, Kino does not support other video file formats or encodings. It does not support multiple layers or tracks of video and audio. It does not do image processing, titling, transitions, or effects. We plan to implement most of these features, but first we chose to focus on the basics of IEEE- 1394, video, audio, and file input and output. We place a lot of emphasis on quality, stability, performance, and workflow.

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