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Welcome to LinuxFocus.org, contact persons for the teams

Contact persons for LinuxFocus

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This table is here just for historic reasons. linuxfocus.org is now at new.linuxfocus.org. You can however use the above contact form to get in touch with the person administrating this site
Team/Role Person
Editor-in-chief Guido Socher <guido (at) linuxfocus.org>
French Team Iznogood <iznogood (at) linuxfocus.org>
Dutch Team Floris Lambrechts <floris.lambrechts (at) linuxfocus.org>
Guus Snijders <ghs (at) linuxfocus.org>
German Team
Contact person for English Guido Socher <guido (at) linuxfocus.org>
Indonesian Team Razmal Djamal <razmal (at) linuxfocus.org>
Spanish Team looking for a new person
Turkish Team Ceyhun Elmas <ceyhun.elmas (at) linuxfocus.org>
Erdal Mutlu <erdal (at) linuxfocus.org>
Russian Team Kirill Poukhliakov <kirill (at) linuxfocus.org>
Chinese Team Wang Xu <gnawux (at) 21cn.com>
Portuguese Team Bruno Miguel Sousa <bruno (at) linuxfocus.org>
Italian Team Kikko <kikko (at) linuxfocus.org>
Polish Team Mariusz Kozlowski <sp3fxc (at) linuxfocus.org>
Arabic Team We are looking for a new person
Korean Team --

English: Contact persons for LinuxFocus

This is a list of contact persons for LinuxFocus. We are always happy to receive comments, suggestions, new articles etc ... Just send us an e-mail. There are actually many more people involved in LinuxFocus and the persons below will forward your requests if required.

Castellano: Personas de contacto para LinuxFocus

Esta es una lista con las personas de contacto para LinuxFocus. Estamos encantados de recibir comentarios, sugerencias, nuevos artículos, etc. Simplemente, envíanos un e-mail. Hay mucha más gente dentro de LinuxFocus, de modo que los mensajes pueden ser re-enviados si así se necesita.

Deutsch: Kontaktpersonen von LinuxFocus

Hier findest Du eine Liste der Kontaktpersonen von LinuxFocus. Wir freuen uns immer über Kommentare, Vorschläge, neue Artikel, etc... Schick uns einfach ein Email. Es sind natürlich viel mehr Leute bei LinuxFocus dabei und die unten aufgeführten Personen werden deine Anfragen weiterleiten, wenn es notwendig sein sollte.

Nederlands: Contactpersonen bij LinuxFocus

Dit is een lijst van LinuxFocus contactpersonen. We kijken steeds uit naar opmerkingen, suggesties, nieuwe artikels, enz. Stuur gewoon een e-mail. Er zijn nog veel meer mensen die aan LinuxFocus meewerken en de onderstaande personen zullen uw bericht doorsturen waar nodig.

Français: Liste de contacts pour LinuxFocus

Voici une liste de contacts pour LinuxFocus. Nous serons toujours heureux de recevoir des commentaires, suggestions, nouveaux articles etc... Envoyez nous simplement un courrier électronique. Il existe beaucoup plus de personnes impliquées dans LinuxFocus, et ceux dont les noms suivent transmettront vos courriers si nécessaire.

Italiano: Lista dei contatti di LinuxFocus

Questa è una lista di contatti per LinuxFocus. Siamo sempre contenti di ricevere commenti, suggerimenti, nuovi articoli ecc ... E' sufficiente inviarci una e-mail. In effetti molte più persone collaborano con LinuxFocus e le persone sottoindicate sottoporranno le vostre richieste a qualcun altro se necessario.

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