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Contents of README:
os-bs135.exe	OS boot selector

pfdisk.doc	Description of how to use "pfdisk.exe"

pfdisk.exe	A DOS parition editor, to set the OpenBSD partition ID
		(166 or 0xA6) if installing on a disk to be shared with
		another OS.  Of course, the OpenBSD/i386 installer will
		do this for you also.

pfdisktc.zip	Source to "pfdisk.exe", and the "pfdisk.exe" executable and
		the "pfdisk.doc" documentation.

rawrite.c	Source to "rawrite.exe".

rawrite.doc	Description of how to use "rawrite.exe".

rawrite.exe	DOS utility to copy raw disk images (.fs files) to
		floppy disks.

gzip.exe	DOS version of gzip

fips/		DOS utility and directions to shrink Windows partition to make
		room for OpenBSD

ntrw.exe	NT utility to copy raw disk images (.fs files) to
		floppy disks.  rawrite.exe does not work on NT.

ntrw.c		Source code to the ntrw utility.

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