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Contents of README:

   This is X11R6.3 for OpenBSD 2.1/sparc with public patch #01 applied.

ACK:  Thanks to John Stone <johns@openbsd.org> without whos cpu time and
ACK:  disk space this build would not have been!

This relese of X11R6.3 was patched with the following patches:

  patch-1.gz - patch sent to me by Matthieu Herrb <matthieu@laas.fr> from the
               XFree86 Project for OpenBSD (creates OpenBSD.cf, fixes the
               sparc kbd repeat bug)
  patch-2.gz - patch from Matthieu Herrb <matthieu@laas.fr> fix for __OpenBSD__
  patch-3.gz - the X11R6.3 'fix-01' patch
  patch-4.gz - there have been several postings on bugtraq mailing list
               regarding buffer over flows: David Hedley <hedley@CS.BRIS.AC.UK>
               posted an initial fix for Xrm.c; Alex Belits 
               <abelits@phobos.illtel.denver.co.us> then posted a more
               comprehensive patch; I then corrected a typo and a scoping
               error; Alex then sent me this patch which also includes a
               locale buffer overflow bug

   I added '#define ForceNormalLib 1' in site.def so './lib/*.a' all files are

  X11R6.3bin.tgz      Clients, run-time libs, and app-defaults files
  X11R6.3lib.tgz      Data files required at run-time
  X11R6.3cfg.tgz      sample config files for xinit, xdm
  X11R6.3f75.tgz      75dpi fonts
  X11R6.3fscl.tgz     Scalable fonts (Speedo and Type1)
  X11R6.3misc.tgz     misc fonts

  X11R6.3man.tgz      Manual pages
  X11R6.3f100.tgz     100dpi fonts
  X11R6.3fsrv.tgz     Font server and config files
  X11R6.3prog.tgz     X header files, config files and compile-time libs

  X11R6.3Xsun.tgz     standard 8bit X server
  X11R6.3XsunMono.tgz monochrome X server
  X11R6.3Xsun24.tgz   X server for 24bit framebuffers
  X11R6.3Xnest.tgz    Nested X server
  X11R6.3Xvfb.tgz     Virtual framebuffer X server
  X11R6.3Xprt.tgz     X printer server

Installation instructions:

# /bin/sh
# cd /usr
# mkdir X11R6
# ln -s X11R6 X11
# ln -s X11R6 X11R6.3 # this is a must for xdm config files
                      # .. from Toshi Morita <tm2@best.com>
# cd X11R6
# for file in 'directory-you-put-it-in'/X11R6.3*.tgz
> do
>    tar -zxvpf $file
> done
# ldconfig /usr/X11R6/lib
# exit
# exit

 - make sure /etc/rc adds this to the path at boot time

 - if you plan to use something other than 'Xsun' you will need to create
     a symbollic link:

# ln -fs /usr/X11R6/bin/X<server> /usr/X11R6/bin/X

Make certain /usr/X11R6/bin (or /usr/X11/bin) is in your path.
Deal with X as you normally would. (startx, xinit, Xsun..)

Please report any problems, distress calls, or anomilies related to this
binary distribution to Todd Fries .. todd@openbsd.org.

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